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About Us

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The genesis was hatched in March 2009 over Lone Star beers in the lobby bar at the Hilton Hotel  during SXSW. That conversation was sparked by the recently launched (DNA was a metaphor, not a reality.) The idea of actually using genes in matching people for dates received an expedited patent later that year.

But fully actualizing the dream of awaited the mass adoption of direct-to-consumer genetic testing in the fall of 2017. Today, an estimated 15 million people worldwide have done DTC-GT, with 30 million tests expected by 2025.


CEO: Julia Arrowsmith

Julia has a MS in biochemistry from the University of Toledo, Ohio and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Julia is demicorn.  

Unicorn Genes Founder.png
Chief Scientist: Dr. Bob Szegedi

Bob has Phds from Brno Slovakia (biophysics) and Harvard Divinity School. Bob is a quarticorn, but his cheekbones make him worth the trouble.

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