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— beauty fades, genes are forever —

  • People with the GG allele of rs53576 display more empathy and report 4% higher marital satisfaction. (40% US population.)

  • People with the AA allele for Rs4680 are more conscientious, smarter and enjoy life more. (15% globally.)

  • People with the TT allele for Rs2494732 have 50% lower odds of paranoia or psychosis when consuming cannabis. (Est. 27%.)

  • People with the GG allele for Rs2811712 manifest a 50% lower incidence of physical impairment when elderly. (3.2% globally.)

— mates with optimal genes are unicorns —

In the average pool of 26-year-old daters, just five people in 10,000 have Unicorn Genes -- the complete set of optimal alleles for long term relationship satisfaction. (The odds of finding a single unicorn decrease with age, reaching 0.035% by age 40.)


We match potential mates based on each partner's quotient of optimal alleles. A unicorn, with four of four optimal alleles, sees other unicorns. Dates with two desirable alleles get matched with people with two alleles. Etc!

Pick two alleles most important to you in a potential partner:




— be patient —

We’re busy with 45,000+ profiles acquired since our beta launch in July 2018. In mid 2019, we anticipate accepting more submissions, first come, first serve. Sign up to get access when we invite the next 100,000 people in select US markets only:

empathy (GG allele of rs53576)

conscientious (AA allele for Rs4680)

robust when elderly (GG allele for Rs2811712)

mellow on pot (TT allele for Rs2494732)

I have a file from 23andme, Ancestry or FamilyDNA

I am not an EU citizen

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